German Kleinspitz parti-colour and other colours, German Mittelspitz white
Puppy price
Our puppies cost starts at 1100 Euros. In case these prices sound too high to you, please think that the solid breeding of puppies occurs also at a considerable cost. A list of expendatures:

  • Regular veterinary check ups for the mother dogs
  • Regular veterinary check ups for the father dogs
  • Or the alternative Decktaxe for the male dogs
  • Litter registration fees for the Breeding Bureau
  • Pedigree fees from the Breeding Society
  • Fees for litter certification and identification of the puppies
  • Regular veterinary examination of the puppies
  • Regular Entwurmung of the puppies and the mother dogs
  • Immunization and vaccinations on schedule for the puppies
  • Dog food costs (puppies and mother dogs in particular need high quality food during the breeding phase)
  • Advertising costs (displays, internet, etc.)
  • Cost of cleaning supplies
  • Priceless expendature and commitment of time of the breeders to give the puppies the best possible conditioning

The costs add up as well for the parent animals to achieve the best breeding capability: 
  • Exhibition visits for breeding capability evaluation
  • PL-checkups through the Veternarian, as well as entry in the Breeding Bureau
  • Immunization and vaccinations
  • Dog taxes
  • Insurance costs
  • Dog food expenses
  • And also we do not outcast the dogs incapable of breeding...