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Grabenstetten is a small town with 1300 residents in the "Schwäbische Alb". The Schäbische Alb is a small mountain range in the south west of Germany. The Alb is a source of culture, identity and patriotism for the people of "Schwaben", how the region is called. Although beyond the borders of Germany the region is little known. Beginning in Stuttgart, the Alb rises as the "Blue Wall" with its steep ascent through the Neckar river region.

Edward Mörike described the Alb as such in his fairy tale Stuttgarter Hutzelmännchen, written in 1853. "With great joy he soon saw from the Bempflinger Heights the Alb as a wonderful sprawling blue wall. He never thought about the beautiful blue glass mountains in a different way, behind which, he was always told, lies the Snail Gardens from Queen Saba."

Although from a distance it seems to be a solid wall, when approaching the Alb it proves to be staggered and divided.

Characteristic for the "Schwäbische Alb" is its contrariness: broad and narrow, rocky and grassy, softly romantic and abruptly sobering, constantly twisting and changing!

People have been inhabiting the Alb since the beginning of time: the oldest artwork of humanity ermerged out of the caves of the "schwäbische Alb". Romans and Celts left some spectacular historical relics. Many castles and castle ruins are evidence of the long history from feudalism to the beginning of the industrial times.

A visit is worth it every time!

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