German Kleinspitz parti-colour and other colours, German Mittelspitz white

2018 January
(Photo by Anita)
We still can hardly believe that we apparently are known worldwide now!
We want to say thank you to all our likers from this place as well!
January only brought us a few beautiful snow-days. The rest was rain and muddy weather.
This couldnĺt cut off our good mood! Here you can see our adventures:
Every day we went for walks and hiking in our beautiful region, the Swabian Alb.
For example to the castle ruin Sperberseck.
Of course our biggest fun is the snow! No matter if it comes as windstorm, we just love snow!
(Photos by: Anita ęSpitze-MeinAugenstern)
2018 February
February brought us rain, snow, windstorms and more cold then January.
No problem for a Spitz! We enjoy our daily nature adventures!
(all photos by: Anita ęSpitze-MeinAugenstern)