German Kleinspitz parti-colour and other colours, German Mittelspitz white
What can you expect from us?
In addition to what is listed under “Puppy price” you recieve the following benefits from us:
  • Sale contract
  • Geneological table from the German Spitz Society (VDH/FCI)
  • Imunization pass
  • Puppy Starter Set
  • Feeding plan with food inventory
  • Advising book about raising and breeding puppies
  • A puppy who has already had positive experiences with: children, cats, small animals, a pack of dogs (as well as other breeds), everyday occurances and noises, riding in cars, and the environment of a home.
  • Telephone hotline a dog’s life long!
General necessity: Open your eyes when buying a puppy

It would not be worthwhile to try to save money!

In case you are unsure, you should visit some other breeders and compare.
Pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • It is not important the the household gleams with sterility, the puppy area should be clean and outfitted with love.
  • The mother dog should definately be present and a healthy and unaffected impression made.
  • How is the contact of the breeder with the puppies and other dogs?
  • Do the puppies leave a healthy and candid impression on you?
  • Is the breeder ready to answer all of your questions?
  • CAREFUL with commercial dog-trade! Charity purchases cement the circumstances!